Our stop in Vienna, Austria, which covered palaces, too many cafes to count, and beautiful facades. And a lot of Mozartkugels.


Schnitzel, a maddening necessity to make reservations, and caffeine culture.

Chasing facades in Vienna at Cafe Pruckel

Hundertwasser House

Hotel Sacher

Eating the famous apricot jam-filled sachertorte at Hotel Sacher (nothing to write home about though...)

Schönbrunn Palace

The beautiful imperial summer palace - its name very aptly means beautiful spring.

The Gloriette

On top of a 60m hill behind the palace, with great panoramic views of the city.

Cafe Central

One of the most famous traditional Viennese cafes, once frequented by Trotsky, Freud, Hitler, and Lenin.

Goulash, the Cafe Central sandwich, and their specialty rum-infused coffee.

...and their amazing apfelstrudel

Some fooling around at the Austrian Parliament Building on the left, and the Palace of Justice on the right.

Belvedere Palace


Next stop: Budapest!