New Year, New Blog

It's been 17 months since I first launched my blog - the first iteration was built on the MEAN stack - MongoDB, Express, Angular, and Node. So many things were wonky with that single-page setup: with search engine crawlability issues, non-reactive design and page load race conditions. I documented my SEO fix soon after launching, but I never got around to fixing my CSS afterwards. Version I of the blog was truly a patchwork of services that, once cobbled together, allowed me to host my blog for free. Around April 2014, something broke, preventing me from making application level changes. At that time, I didn't get around to fixing it as I was busy with Apartment Insider.

Fast forward to today - I decided to rewrite my blog over the holidays, using what I had learned over the year. Version II is built on Rails, utilizes best SASS practices, and is responsive! Other things I plan to implement include: separate photography section, parallax scrolling effects for images within posts, mailing list, and social sharing buttons.

2015 Resolutions

I looked back on my resolutions from 2014 and was appalled at how poorly I scored: 2/11. This year's resolutions aim to be a tad more realistic:

  • Continue taking and editing 1 photo a week
  • Lean in (comprised of risk taking and engaging with the NYC startup community)
  • Code/play guitar for 4 hours/week
  • Reach lifting goals (240 bench / 300 squat / 195 deadlift)

Photo by Jeff Sheldon - find more of his work here